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CSI Africa specializes in risk management, project planning and implementation, mobilization and management continuity programs and the formulation of policies to manage, administer and operate under challenging circumstances. The CSI Team has extensive systems knowledge in ISO and PSC-1 Processes, Quality Control Assurance with OHS protocols and Business Development methodologies.

The company thrives on Security Risk Assessments, the formulation of Process Development Methodologies and the creation of Emergency Planning. This is achieved in accordance to ‘international best practices’, guided by legal directives pertaining to the Client’s particular industry in their specific country of operation and molded around each Client’s unique business requirements.


Security Risk Assessments & analysis

Recruitment / International Protection Teams / Hostile Environments

Health and safety Analysis
Creation of emergency procedures

Auditing of receiving, dispatch, purchasing, logistics, fleet management, stock systems, invoicing and related systems & procedures

Creation of PSD / CPO (VIP protection) and convoy security protocols / policies
Forensic Investigations (all levels including assisting in pre-employment screening & recruitment) 
Training and skills development (guided in SA by the National Services SETA)
Evaluation of shrinkage/ loss control policies
Kidnap and ransom protocols
Truth verification / polygraph examinations